Stage 5 - City Road Entrance

University of Sydney City Road Gates

The original Victoria Park gates

Start Date: 14 April 2008
Completion Date: 26 August 2008

The vision

The works

The impact

The vision

Eastern Avenue boulevard will end in an open plaza at City Road where a new, wheelchair accessible, pedestrian footbridge will link to the Sydney Central building. A simple water basin will mark the meeting with City Road with a ramp on one side and a staircase on the other, both providing access to City Road. To the West of the Plaza, the existing vehicle entry and gatehouses will remain and a new drop-off area will allow campus visitors to arrive safely by car. To the East, a garden will take in the existing Fig and Eucalyptus trees as well as a shady path linking Barff Road and Victoria Road to Eastern Avenue.

Relocation of Victoria Park gates
The gates closest to the Carslaw building at the City Road entrance to the University orignally formed the entrance to the neighbouring Victoria Park. The three large pillars, light-fittings and ironwork will all be restored and moved by Sydney City Council to their original site at the corner of Paramatta and City roads, directly in line with the University clock tower.

The two smaller pillars (not part of the original set) will flank the entrance to the stairs from Victoria Park up to the Law School.

Barff and Fisher Roads
Once the Law School is completed, two-way traffic along Barff Road will lead to the new undergroud car park. Reconfigured footpaths and tall eucalyptus trees will soften Carslaw's façade and make Barff Road a more pedestrian friendly zone. As the other major vehicle entrance into the campus, Fisher Road will feature a new, wider footpath and plantings.

The works

The final stage of the Public Domain Project will see completion of the landscaping around the City Road entrance, in front of the Madsen building and along the side of Fisher Road (where material being used for the refurbishment of Madsen is currently stored in containers). It will integrate the new City Road footbridge seamlessly into the Eastern Avenue Boulevard.

The work will be completed in three phases:

  • Phase 5A (14 April – June 2008) - landscaping of the area between City Road and the Carslaw building.
  • Phase 5B (June – August 2008) – landscaping of the area in front of the Madsen Building and City Road vehicle entrance.
  • Phase 5C (June –August 2008) – landscaping of the area along the side of the City Road end of Fisher Road. Phase C will be carried out in conjunction with Phase 5B.

Phase 5A 
Phase 5B and 5C 

Click here for a pdf of the work diagrams for all five stages.

The impact

For vehicles
Vehicle access to the University via the City Road entrance to Fisher Road will be unaffected. See the Vehicle Access Map for details.

There will be no parking available in front of the Madsen Building from 14 April 2008. Parking will be available in the car park located between the Gatekeepers Lodge and the Madsen Building where there will be designated disabled parking spaces. An interactive map with full details of access and parking on all the University's campuses

For pedestrians
Temporary walkways will provide pedestrian access from City Road through the work site to Eastern Avenue during Phase 5A and from Eastern Avenue to the Madsen building during Phase 5B. The new footbridge across City Road will remain open throughout and will provide access from Darlington campus through to Eastern Avenue.

For deliveries
Loading zones will continue to be available for each of the buildings in the vicinity of the works. Map of building access points

For emergency vehicles
Emergency vehicles will have full access to campus as required.